Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Peace of Minds

Peace of Minds
Mixed Media on Board
Painting #199 - Do you remember how good everything felt when you were a teenager? That’s because the small structure inside your limbic system called the nucleus accumbens (reward center) actually got bigger when you approached adolescence and then got smaller again as you reached adulthood. Therefore, literally nothing will ever feel as good to you again as it did in your teens. Consequently, this intensity lures adolescents to rewards that impel them to do exciting and risky things. Despite the fact that adolescents are healthier, stronger and smarter than children, injury and death both increase between 200 and 300 percent between childhood and adolescence.
My painting depicts a warm and calm environment. A responsible and informed society has ensured that all young people have been supported and encouraged to develop self-regulation skills. A practice called Mindfulness has enabled adolescents to develop the ability to control their thinking, emotions and behaviors. 

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